We’re excited to officially bring you our first Digital Open House with Jed’s listing 938/940 West A St!

Why Digital?

Our goal is to make this process easier for buyers and sellers! We understand that your time is valuable.  With a Digital Open House, sellers don’t have to get out of their home for a day and buyers can research online within their schedule!  Buyers are already looking online at listings on Zillow or other sites.  We want to help simplify the home search and provide as much information as possible for you on the property.

Eliminate Frustrations

We’re very fond of homes around here!  But the truth is, not all homes are spacious, well-maintained, and full of light.  Potential is always there- we just want to make sure you know the work involved to get it there.  If you are needing a move-in ready home to fit your current situation, then we don’t want to waste your time looking at homes needing a large remodel. The Digital Open House should eliminate this frustration for you.

We want it to remove false expectations that can happen from not enough pictures, or only certain angles. The Digital Open House should get rid of the frustration of a house looking better online than in real life or not having enough views of various rooms.  We want you to get a lay of the land so you know if this is a walk-thru worth your time!  When the walk through is on-line you are not required to give your information, you can look without hassle. You can also get a good look of the property without a bunch of people looking with you.  Then, you can decide if it’s worth your time for a private tour with your agent.