Jed and I are so pleased to serve Latah County and love to watch our business expand to towns outside of Moscow.

While we live in Moscow, Jed & I spend most of our free time exploring the other wonderful towns that make up Latah County.

Each town offers a fun experience that we have come to enjoy on holidays, vacations, and simple day trips. The towns which encompass Northern Idaho all contribute a similar welcoming feeling, which make it so easy to call home!


As many people know, Jed is an avid hunter of public land throughout Latah County. Whether it’s a spring turkey hunt or a late fall elk hunt, Jed shares the love of hunting with so many other local residents. It’s a culture we enjoy contributing too.


Hunting has allowed us to learn more about the area and people who live in the rural towns of Troy, Deary, Potlatch, Kendrick, etc. Whether it is stopping for gas in Troy or the quick pass by on a dirt road, residents and local hunters share in the excitement and culture of hunting in North Idaho. It’s been great to share the forest with friendly faces.

Whether you live in Moscow or the outskirts of Latah County we want you to know that we would be happy to help you with any and all your real estate needs.

We serve the following cities within Latah County: Viola, Potlatch, Harvard, Princeton, Deary, Bovill, Elk River, Troy, Juliaetta, Kendrick, Genesee & Moscow.