Hey all you late bloomers! Summer may be coming to an end but try using vegetation as decoration. Take note as Moscow Mansion dishes the dirt on Lisa’s home and garden. The inside greenery trend is taking root these days. Houseplants, long second fiddle to flowers, are gaining ground as a decor element, with a popularity not seen since the fern-crazy 1970’s. Let’s dig in at Lisa’s home that is perched on a hill in Moscow, Idaho.

Lisa’s potted plant in her dining room is the exclamation point – bringing delight and dominance to the room. Her indoor plants bring literal life to the space and help to bring the outdoors in. The french doors in the dining room were added to create just such a thing.

Lisa has created a tropical vibe throughout her home – reminding her of the years she spent in Ivory Coast as a missionary. Her home and garden are an escape from Moscow’s notoriously brown lawns. She made sure her new kitchen was bright and white to combat the sometimes cloudy winters on the Palouse. Lisa’s son added the arch above the sink and made sure the window looks out over her beautiful, flower-filled yard.

Lisa’s plants and flowers welcome visitors with a horticultural hello. They signal that this home is where caring and nurturing happen.