Five Reasons Buyers Love Fort Russell

Moscow Idaho is a wonderful town to call home. There is a delightful mix of neighborhoods in this small town but the historic Fort Russell neighborhood is highly sought after. Here are a few reasons buyers look for homes in Fort Russell.


  1. Historic Homes and Architecture

In the Fort Russell neighborhood you will find many of Moscow’s most beautiful historic homes. The area was developed around the turn of the century and the quality of craftsmanship and pride of ownership can be seen from beautiful wood floors to prominent trim and moldings. The materials and building techniques used in the old homes are difficult and often cost prohibitive to duplicate today. This quality, as well as the charm of an older home, is why many buyers choose to call Fort Russell home.


  1. Mature Trees and Landscaping

While some buyers are attracted to the low maintenance features of a newer construction, many would rather have the mature landscaping offered by an established neighborhood like Fort Russell.  Large trees are not only beautiful in all seasons but they offer much needed shade in the summer. Mature trees and landscaping can take years to establish and also can be quite costly. The tree lined streets offer privacy in the throughout neighborhood.

Colorful Canopy on Polk Street

Colorful Canopy on Polk Street

  1. Walking Distance to Downtown, Parks, Etc.

One of the biggest trends in recent years has been factoring “walkability” into buying decisions. Moscow is a wonderful community; it’s size and pedestrian friendly down town is what attracts many people to the area. Fort Russell is one of the best places to take advantage of that small town life. For buyers that work downtown commuting can mean a nice walk or bike ride.


  1. Quiet Streets

Fort Russell is known for its quality neighborhood. The tree lined streets and large number of single family homes create a quiet atmosphere year round.

Quiet Walkable Streets

Quiet Walkable Streets

  1. Strong Resale Values

Another great reason to buy in Fort Russell is the confidence you can feel in the neighborhood’s real estate market. The homes there maintain strong resale values because of the above factors, and many more.  The neighborhood’s historic homes often sell quickly and retain value because of the high demand.


Those are just 5 reasons to consider Fort Russell as you look for your next home in Moscow, Idaho. Call Bill or myself today to discuss your real estate needs in Moscow and greater Latah County.


Mike Church, REALTOR

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