Wendy and Carson, fresh out of Tennessee, bought this 1890s farmhouse with the intention of renovating. They didn’t jump into the refurbishing process right away. They waited a while, getting a feel for the weather, local community, and the State of Idaho, and only recently began the exciting process of fixing it up!

Remodeling an old house is trying to the soul at the best of times, so Wendy was exceedingly kind to let Moscow Mansion invade her home in the midst of such a time.

Wendy’s favorite room in the house is the new kitchen addition, with its cozy sitting area by an enormous stone fireplace (Southerners call it a “Keeping Room”). But her favorite space of all is the expansive porch right off the kitchen which affords a glorious view of Moscow Mountain and adds a connection to the outdoors.

Wendy does not take interior design cues from the latest and greatest trends. Instead, she finds inspiration from her own belongings, pieces she has collected and enjoyed over the past thirty years. She loves artwork and furnishings that are meaningful and evoke memories. For instance, the stained glass windows in the kitchen cabinets were designed by Wendy, who was inspired by similar windows belonging to musician Johnny Cash.

Moscow Mansion is excited to see how Wendy and Carson will finish the renovation of this charming old farmhouse in the Palouse hills.