Donna has a luxurious, glamorous, stylish home, which is also cozy, comfortable and welcoming! The Federal-inspired home’s welcoming vibe is due to Donna’s limitless hospitality and great style. She has beautifully woven together textures, patterns, and colors to give the rooms a lovely sense of dimension.

Her favorite room is the dining room. Moscow Mansion believes the pièce de résistance of the entire home resides in this room–the gigantic Horchow mirror above the fireplace. And if you look up from there, way up, you will see an enormous crystal chandelier highlighting the soaring ceiling that is covered with spectacular tile and surrounded by thick crown moulding.

This was the perfect home for our spring issue. Floral patterns resonate throughout Donna and John’s home. These fresh patterns fluctuate between jewel tones and sweet pastels and are glamorous, but not too serious. They turn an entire wall into a work of art; evidence of this is the rose-covered wallpaper in Donna’s guest bathroom.

Donna’s home is inviting, bright and beautiful and the flowers throughout feel like a harbinger of spring for the Palouse!