For many, many years, north Moscow residents have worried, fussed, and fretted over the future of this beautiful, perfectly situated, old farmhouse on the outskirts of town.  The neighbors have been heard to remark…”Will the new owner knock it down? Will they do a good job renovating it if they don’t? Please let us be the ones who buy and rescue it even though we have no money and it is not for sale”.

Now the neighbors drive by the old house and breathe a sigh of relief. As a matter of fact, the sight of the newly renovated creamy white, farmhouse, takes their breath away! It is a beautiful dream come true! The new owners, Jessica and Peter, have done a perfect in-depth renovation that marries the house’s lovely bones with today’s modern amenities.

And what a wonderful family to win and restore this highly coveted property. Jessica and Peter are extremely hospitable, friendly, and giving. The style of their renovation lends itself perfectly to entertaining and blessing large groups. The owners describe the interior now as a combination of bohemian, coastal, and modern and yet the old farmhouse feel is still intact. Shiplap saved from the old walls has gone into creating the new walls for the open concept living spaces.

What a sweet treat it has been for Moscow Mansion to share this dream house on Valentine’s weekend. One of the family’s Valentine’s traditions is for Peter to hide ice cream in the children’s cereal bowls on Valentine’s Day morning for a fun surprise. Jessica wanted the kids’ rooms to be special places in which to grow up; so she has made their bedrooms a wonderland. Who wouldn’t want to grow up in this house with this mom and dad, we ask you?

The neighbors can rest at ease and fret no more as they drive by now, and actually, if they were to stop in for a visit, these loving, hospitable people would be delighted.