January is a great month to de-junk and become a minimalist if you’re not one already! Moscow Mansion visited Joe and Monique’s one bedroom apartment inside a turn of the century mansion near downtown Moscow and these lovebirds are sporting that clean and organized style – and boy do they have style!

Mid-century is Monique’s favorite period and this artistic, architectural designer/mother/homemaker pulls it together beautifully. The reason she prefers mid-century is that it’s minimalist but not too modern. Monique is also a highly sought after sage of interior design so we took the liberty of asking some advice.

Monique mentioned, if you live in a small apartment, it is best to stick to small furnishings and make a statement with big decor items– that way you still have space to live in…but a lovely space. She also said to differentiate between the living spaces; for example, make sure your dining area and sitting area are clearly defined. Mo and Jo have achieved those defined spaces especially with baby Celeste’s cozy, bespoke nursery nook with lush velvet curtains, tucked inside their bedroom.

Moscow Mansion gleaned a little architectural advice as well for you future home builders. Monique recommended to understand everything about your site. It will create a much more interesting floor plan if one knows where the light is coming from and where the views are.

Our visit to this minimalist apartment had a calming effect. We have the urge now to go home and get rid of most of our stuff!